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Drum circles are a joyful and highly effective way for participants of all age group to fully experience the tremendous healing power of community bonding, belongingness and powerful sound vibrations.

The unique format of a healing drum circle has been created and is offered by the dynamic team of 

Som & Ranjini

(founder / facilitator) 

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Som, the Co-Founder of the Healing Drum Circle, transitioned from being a highly reputed electronic media professional to an entrepreneur. Som is the founder of “The Wisdom Tree” – an advertising strategy agency. He is a prodigy when it comes to music and is self-taught in playing multiple instruments. Rhythm comes naturally to him. He is a natural intuitive and is trained as a Breathwork Facilitator. The profound experiences of having healed various aspects of their life through music, specifically drumming.

Ranjini, brings in over a decade of experience and work as an energy healer and occultist. Deeply guided by her spiritual journey, she moved from a successful corporate career in communication to becoming a certified facilitator and trainer of different alternative healing modalities. As an Akashic Records Reader, a Past Life Regression Facilitator, Karmic Astrology Consultant, Inner Child Healing facilitator, Energy Counsellor, an Oracle Card reader and Soul Communicator, Ranjini draws her inspiration from Mother Nature and the path of the Divine Feminine.

Ranjini and Som wish to make this experience available to everyone. A group of passionate & dedicated professionals make up the team of ‘The Healing Drum Circle’, the only such customized service provider in this category, in the entire country. The Healing Drum Circle is their collaborative offering of love.   

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